Our FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about our services.

Where do you deliver?

We do island wide delivery.

Is there a delivery charge?

Our delivery charges starts at Rs 450 (LKR) and it's varies depending on the delivery city.

Do you deliver on weekends and public holidays?

We do deliver on weekends and public holidays.

What is the order deadline?

For all kpop products, the order deadline is one day prior to the delivery date.

Can I place an order to be delivered on a future date?

If you want to buy a gift to be delivered on a future date, simply add your items to the cart, add a note about future date for your delivery and place the order.

Will my gift be delivered on time?

We cannot guarantee that your order will be delivered on the date of your choice because still we are doing our delivery through third party couriour service.

Can I track the status of my order delivery?

you can simply check your order status through domex tracking website using your tracking code.(we are sending a text message of your tracking code to your mobile number after we dispatch your product and it may get 2-3 days or more than that to dispatch from our wearhouse)

domex tracking website: https://domex.lk/tracking.php

Having issues with your payment?

Debit and credit card payments can be unsuccessful for a number of reasons. If an error message appears on your screen after you try to pay, or if we confirm your payment has not been successful, then you have not been charged.

Troubleshooting Failed Payments:

1. 3D Secure Verification Issue – [Response - 3DS authentication failed with risk score (3)]

When you make a purchase in one of the participating online stores, you will be asked for your 3D secure pin (One Time Password) to enter at the OTP page. If you have aborted the OTP page without entering the OTP code, your payment may not be successful.

To Resolve:

When you submit the order, you will be asked to generate an OTP code in order to authenticate the purchaser, upon your confirmation you will get a SMS to your mobile number with the OTP code. Simply enter your OTP code at the OTP page, choose Submit, and you're done.

2. Payment Declined - By Your Bank [Response- Transaction not permitted to cardholder]

The most common reason for payment declined is that your bank has declined it. Possible reasons would be debit card is not authorized to do online transactions or debit card is blocked.

To Resolve:

The best way to resolve this is to give your bank a quick call and enquire about this.

3.Payment Declined - By Your Bank – [Response - Do Not Honor]

The most common reason for an unsuccessful card payment is that your bank has declined it. Possible reasons would be Blocked or Restricted card for certain transactions- (usually in foreign transactions). It's normal for them to stop a payment that they might perceive as a new and unknown recipient.

To Resolve:

The best way to resolve this is to give your bank a quick call let them know it is you making this payment and that kpopshop.lk is a trusted recipient. Once they've confirmed this, your next attempt should be successful.

4. Insufficient Funds:

Your bank might also stop your card payment if there isn't enough money in your account or if you have a per-transaction limit. The best way to resolve this is to give your bank a quick call and adjust your transaction limit if required.

5. Browser Issues:

Some anti-virus or firewall software can fail your card payment. With anti-virus software, please add kpopshop.lk to the list of "safe merchants" and make sure it allows pop ups.

Alternate payment methods for your order:

If the issue persists, you can always use alternate payment method for your order – Available options are:

  • You can make a direct bank transfer to us.
  • You can use a different card to make the payment.
If you're having trouble making payments with above methods give us a call on +94 76 366 3881 or use our live chat support.